Vonka Romanov - SWAT

  • 21:16
  • 02.03.21
Vonka Romanov - SWAT

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Vonka has tried to convince her commander that a terrorist is hiding out in a remote wooded area and that they should move in to investigate. Her commander is of the opinion that the intel is bad and declines to pursue it. Determined to prove him wrong, Vonka launches a solo assault, planning to bring in the man herself. She pulls up outside the house, circles round and is trying to gain ingress via the garage when a voice tells her to freeze. Her arrival did not go unnoticed. Vonka is rendered unarmed and forced to stand where she is. The man she was hoping to capture now has the drop on her, and he says they are going to wait until some colleagues of his arrive, then they will deal with her. So single-minded had she been that Vonka had neglected to pee for some time, and the urge now assails her quite badly. She squirms where she stands and tries to convince the man that they would be more comfortable waiting inside the house, hoping that he might let her use the bathroom, but he see