Claire Irons - Loss Of Control

  • 15:59
  • 30.12.23
Claire Irons - Loss Of Control

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Claire is renting a property and wants to have an extension added to the kitchen, but before she can obtain planning permission, she needs the approval of the house's owner in writing. She has prepared the necessary documents and brings them to him for his signature. Naturally, he wants to read them through before committing to anything. While she is waiting, Claire, who has been fidgeting since her arrival, asks if she can just run to the bathroom. The owner declines to let her go, saying the bathroom is out of order and that a plumber is expected at any time. Unable to relieve her full bladder, Claire resigns herself to holding it until she gets back home. Unfortunately, the owner is taking a long time go go through all the pages and sign them, and Claire is becoming extremely desperate. Struggling to maintain control, she clenches and squirms, getting dangerously close to the point of wetting her pants. Her efforts to move the owner along with the process are unsuccessful, and she really doesn't want to leave this for another occasion, just in case he changes his mind. Finally, Claire can't wait any longer and starts to wet herself. She looks shocked as she glances up at the owner, but he is so engrossed in reading the documents that he has not noticed what is happening. Claire desperately tries to stem the flow but she just can't stop. She continues peeing until her jeans are completely soaked. What will happen when the owner finally looks up and sees the mess she has made on his floor?