Jasmine - Conversation In A Car

  • 14:02
  • 26.04.24
Jasmine - Conversation In A Car

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It’s no secret that Jasmine spends a lot of time in her car and has a long commute to work. She also drinks various fluids without thinking, and has had a number of close calls while driving. After a little prompting, she also remembered the tale of driving home after a shoot (the one where she was frantically desperate in her car, appropriately enough) and got pulled over for speeding. Why was she speeding/ She was in a hurry to get home to use the bathroom. She had to set there while the cop ran her details and wrote her a ticket, almost pissing her pants. As it turned out, she wet herself as she ran into the house when she did get home. Did I mention that she also needs to pee rather badly while chatting to you in this one. At the end, she hops out and squats down to go, not a minute too soon!


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