Jasmine - Begging for the Bathroom

  • 25:37
  • 04.11.23
Jasmine - Begging for the Bathroom

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Once again, Jasmine excels at extreme desperation. She turned up for her shoot and stood pee dancing on the porch as she waited for someone to answer the door, greeting us with “Did you want me to pee my pants out here?” She then got roped into a conversation with the missus for about fifteen minutes, during which Jasmine was constantly crossing and recrossing her legs, rubbing her thighs , her voice tight with the effort of holding it. Following this, she had to get changed, and then tolerate a few minutes of camera checking before we actually got started. Even before we got underway, she was bursting. Every indication was that she would never last the duration requested for this custom, but at least the buyer would get some very authentic desperation. The plot has been done a few times now, a bank clerk taken hostage and kept handcuffed in a vehicle for hours, leaving her needing to pee very badly. Her captor makes her drink a bottle of water before she can unlock the cuffs and is taken into the house where she hopes she will be given access to a bathroom. On the way, the bad guy gets a phone call and Jasmine is made to stand still, except of course she can’t. She squirms frantically to hold on.

Once in the basement of the house, we have a minute or two off behind the scenes while cameras are activated, and Jasmine continues her frantic pee dancing because she is almost wetting herself. We finally pick up the story again where, as in The Ordeal, she has to secure herself to a pole (collar, handcuffs attached to the pole) and then stand there waiting. She is soon left alone and was supposed to wait for at least twenty minutes. She barely managed five. She was way too desperate when we started, but in that short period of time, her wiggling legs amply convey her dire situation. The custom planned to have the bad guy return to secure her ankles shortly before she wet herself, but because this happened prematurely, her ankles were secured after the fact. She was gagged and left standing there in her wet panties and tights, not to mention boots full of pee, just as had been requested. The video concludes with a further four minutes of behind the scenes content.