• 21:32
  • 31.05.24

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Many were trapped in a local night festive event with limited bathroom available in the area. The traffic is on a standstill so holding it back home was not feasible. This whole 20+ minutes video happened within the same queue line / scene. The queue began with a Chinese couple that led the scene after giving up hope on the long wait. Immediately after, a young mother with cute specs was seen approaching with her younger sister and son. She told (with a firm tone that wasn't joking or exaggerating) her sister that she's very desperate, the moment they started queuing. After some eavesdropping and direct questioning, it appears that they've been holding it for hours and came to this rest stop cause the toilet lines in the nearby event itself are insane.

She doesn't move around anxiously or pee dance like many desperate girls: the mom instead tensed her body up and holds her bulging bladder firmly with her palm. Like a true elegant Asian MILF, her movements were gentle and graceful, making her desperation all the more interesting. Maybe she wanted to focus on holding herself, or perhaps to make her turn just a tad bit faster: in the middle of the video, the desperate mom kept convincing her son to pee in the drain, to which he refused repeatedly (it's common in Asia but he's probably not used to it).

"Mommy is very desperate" (for the toilet) she told her son, in her native language. The poor mom checked on the toilet to see why it's been occupied for so long, only to be disappointed further. FYI the young mom isn't pregnant with another real baby. You can clearly see a large “bladder baby” that’s putting insurmountable pressure on her lower abdomen all these while. Near the end, another Chinese girl in yellow pants also complained about the long wait and fidgeted visibly while waiting for her turn. Unfortunately, the device used in this filming did not allow for audio recording. Otherwise, if you could understand the Mandarin language in the conversations, it’s a very interesting encounter.


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