• 12:01
  • 26.01.24

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1st Scene: An attractive young girl in tight leather shorts tries to skip the toilet line, but the other girls will not allow her even after her pleas. She then runs off and waves to her friend to hurry up to the next available toilet without a queue (how naive of her). The way she runs is just a pure excitement to witness. A little later, she begs the to use the bathroom at an Italian restaurant, but the waiter will also not let her in as it’s for paying customer only.

2nd Scene: (the screenshots above can’t do this scene enough justice) A dignified 30-ish woman with glasses is waiting in a toilet line next to her friends. She must be super desperate as she constantly has her hands in her pocket and wiggling her legs to keep those jeans dry. If you watch closely, you can see that she is actually subtly massaging her pee hole to keep everything in. When that is not enough to stop the urinal dam from bursting, she resorted to grabbing her crotch several times, all while putting up a poker face and praying that no one will notice this embarrassing act. The closer she gets to the end, the harder it is to keep her composure.