• 10:37
  • 26.01.24

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1st Scene: An European girl in a long jeans skirt is in utter distress, even though she is not far from the portapotty. It must’ve been a torture for her bladder to be so close to the site of relief yet unable to get in as she crosses her legs to hold the massive volume of urine from leaving her body.

2nd Scene: This is the gold standard as far as pee desperation movements go. Several girls (and guys) are waiting in front of a single portapotty, but a gorgeous brunette girl in light blue jeans stands out from the crowd as she is showing the most obvious signs of desperation. Those tight jeans must be putting a lot of pressure on her bladder. Imagine this, you’re watching a group of desperate, pee-dancing girls all in one spot, and she’s that one girl that moves more frantically than everyone else. That’s her level of urgency. Lifting her legs, crossing her legs, crouching, but the line seems to take forever. The poor girl is doing everything she can. In the end you can tell from her gestures and facial expressions that things are getting really serious for her. She then makes the riskiest decision of finishing the drink on her hand after the last person in front of her entered the toilet! She’s probably thinking it won’t be long before it’s finally her turn. (Un)fortunately, the person before her is taking longer than expected so she’s struggling really badly near the end. Her long curvy legs are the perfect complement to her pee-holding moves. She’s the ideal type of girl you’d hope to see getting desperate for the toilet in real life.