• 14:35
  • 07.08.23

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A beautiful blondie in Dirndl dress is joining the back of a toilet queue in a beer festival. She looks visibly troubled and we all know why. She crosses her legs and turns her head around to seek for alternatives, but there seems to be none. She has no choice but to stay in line with her friend, who’s equally as desperate. If you pay enough attention, most of the girls in line are squirming. In the 2nd scene, several other girls from the same day are experiencing the same agony after too much beer. They can only squeeze their peeholes while hoping that the line will move faster. There are so many desperate girls that it’s hard to choose who to focus on, but one particularly interesting girl in purple skirt stands out with her peak urgency. As she gets near the end of the line, she starts half squating and tenses up her whole body nervously, about to lose control of her exploding bladder. A hot college girl (with long legs and wine-colored hair) at the carnival isn’t as lucky as she s