• 10:18
  • 30.06.23

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We see a beautiful Italian girl in a dirndl dress who has to wait in a long line at the Octoberfest. She tries to keep her happy face most of the time, but the signs from her lower body speak a different language. She constantly has to move her legs and has her hands on or very close to her crotch area several times. She legs swinging got more frantic near the end! A curvy young college in tight jeans is also in a bad state right in front of the toilet when she briefly touches her crotch and has her legs crossed to keep her urethra shut with all her might. Next up we see a beautiful teen girl with black hair and a attractive butt walking back and forth deciding whether she should pee into the bushes or not. The toilet line was definitely too long for her, hence she walked away from it. As her boyfriend is with her, she finally decides to try it at a different toilet...good luck finding one! Finally, we see a really great desperation scene that most likely ended with urine-soaked pantie