• 13:03
  • 26.01.24

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1st Scene: A blonde MILF with round bottoms and tight black pants is about to lose control in the long bathroom line. She is constantly bending over and has no choice but to openly hold her crotch in front of everyone. It’s very embarrassing for someone her age, you can see it in her face. But the best view is when the camera is focusing at her from behind. Someone her age is very likely to have had kids, so her pelvic muscles may not be the strongest, adding to her level of urgency. The poor woman seems to be desperately and silently praying that she will not wet herself in front of everyone in the middle of the line.

2nd Scene: A 20+ young, voluptuous girl in a short red dirndl dress is crossing her legs and pressing her hands underneath her dress way back in the toilet line. She is grimacing as the pressure in her bladder is building up. Her facial expression is signaling as much torment her body language as she plays a tug of war with her bladder. She might have a bladder as volumous as her bossoms, but the line’s just moving too slowly. She has to bend forward while holding herself under that cute dirndl dress. You can clearly tell she only has a few minutes left to make it to the toilet dry.