• 16:36
  • 26.01.24

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All of the scenes contain more than just a single desperate girl so they warrant multiple rewatches. We’ll just highlight what’s the greatest focus here:

1st Scene: A hot blonde woman in tight light blue jeans and seems very anxious about the long line ahead. She has her hands in the pocket of her jeans and crosses her legs tight to squeeze her holy hole shut. It is a warm summer's day and she must’ve overhydrated herself.

2nd Scene: Several girls are desperate at a concert location. Most notably, a slim blonde girl in baggy pants. She’s pee-dancing frantically as she tries to distract herself on her phone call. Nothing seems to be working, her intense desperate is showing to everyone around. The last girl, a cute college student with short blonde hair, says to the lady in front of her that she has to “go number two super bad”. She wiggles and sticks out her ass to avoid making a major mess in her tight jeans.