Becky LeSabre - Measuring Becky

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Description: While Becky has participated in a permission to pee video where she peed into a small cup at intervals, when Paige allowed her to do so (see Permission to Pee 5), and in Naked Time To Go where she peed into a cup at intervals, she has never actually had her output measured, not until this event. Standing outside naked again, Becky is persuaded to stand there with a full bladder for a long as possible before releasing into the graduated cylinder. Several times she states that she can't wait any longer and reaches for the cylinder, but she is persuaded to delay. She can't be delayed for long though because she is on the verge of losing control. Despite entreaties to wait a little longer, Becky grabs the cylinder and starts to pee. That is some serious relief, if her expression is to be believed. So what is Becky's capacity, based on this measurement?
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