Jasmine - She Needs To Pee At The Party

  • 15:06
  • 05.01.24
Jasmine - She Needs To Pee At The Party

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Jasmine is attending a party to celebrate the festive season, but as always seems to be the case at these functions, there are never enough bathrooms. The line for the ladies is long, and Jasmine has been waiting for it to get a little shorter before joining it. However, it hardly seems to be moving, and she badly needs to pee. When another guest, Rick, comes over to chat her up, she is glad for the distraction, but at the same time trying to manage her desperation without squirming too much. In this, she fails, and Rick is soon aware of her predicament. Her situation is not helped when Rick brings her a soda to drink; it's almost as if he wants to make her even more desperate! Eventually, Jasmine contemplates cutting out early to find somewhere to relieve herself, but Rick has a suggestion: He tells her she could go out onto the back deck and look for somewhere to relieve herself while he keeps watch, not realize the deck is elevated. Thoroughly desperate now, Jasmine agrees despite feeling embarrassed. When it becomes clear that there is nowhere to hide, Rick suggests that she just stand there and wet herself, promising to keep it as their little secret. Unable to wait any longer, Jasmine pisses through her panties and legs the pee run down her legs. She is amazed that Rick seems to be enjoying this. He is turning out to be a more interesting character than she originally thought.