Mura Suru - Looking Out For A Friend

  • 18:25
  • 14.05.24
Mura Suru - Looking Out For A Friend

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Mura works in a bank. She arrives home desperate to pee to find a camera set up in her kitchen which is recording, and evidently transmitting the video signal because she immediately gets a phone call from a man claiming to be at her friend Julie's house, telling her that Julie will pay the price if Mura does not do exactly as she is told. In a disguised voice, he instructs her to use her phone and grant a loan application that was previously denied. Mura declares that she needs to use the bathroom and asks if she can do that first, but the caller tells her to stay in view of the camera at all times; he doesn't want her disappearing from his view to call the cops. Mura has no choice but to stand there working on her phone trying to do as the caller instructs, squirming the whole time to help control her overfull bladder. While they are waiting for the transaction to go through, Mura asks again if she can use the bathroom to relieve herself, but the man insists that she stay where she is, otherwise Julie will pay the price for her disobedience. Long minutes pass, and Mura keeps asking if the money has arrived yet. The caller says that it has not, and she must wait until it does. This is taking so long that Mura begins to suspect that he has the money but just wants to keep her standing in front of his camera until she pisses herself. If so, he ultimately gets his wish.


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