Jasmine - Dress For The Occasion

  • 35:28
  • 26.04.24
Jasmine - Dress For The Occasion

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Jasmine is going out to a function in the evening and wants to dress for the occasion. She doesn’t have anything new in her own wardrobe, so she asked to borrow something from our new (and almost new) collection. The catch is that she must try them on while bursting for a pee! Always up for a challenge, Jasmine arrived in her usual “full bladder” state, asking to get started right away instead of having a chat first; that’s a sure sign that she’s already close to bursting. She struggles to climb in and out of dresses and shoes while resisting the ever increasing urge to pee, but bending down is a serious threat to her self control, given how badly she needs to piss. Several times she enlists help to buckle up the shoes, literally shaking as she struggles to wait and keep still. She manages to get through six dresses before she finally loses control and wets her panties. Pee is visible running down her legs, and even though the panties are a fairly dark blue color, the wet patch is pretty obvious. After a relaxing shower, she was able to decide on which dress she wanted.


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