Jasmine - I Can Only Think About Peeing

  • 18:36
  • 26.04.24
Jasmine - I Can Only Think About Peeing

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An hour after Dress For The Occasion, Jasmine is struggling with a full bladder again, the result of all that liquid she has imbibed throughout the morning, and she is still drinking because she is thirsty. Parched in fact. It’s cruel how the body plays that trick. She doesn’t look like she could last for half an hour, but she is asked to do so anyway. She gives it her best, but her bladder is so distended she can barely button up the jeans she has worn a number of times before. She struggles so hard to control herself, but she loses control with more than ten minutes to go. Objective: make Jasmine hold it until she is absolutely bursting. Outcome: achieved.


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