Becky LeSabre - Strip Or Drink Enhanced

  • 47:26
  • 03.03.21
Becky LeSabre - Strip Or Drink Enhanced

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This is a hybrid of a holding contest and a permission to pee movie, with the extra element added that the girls must either drink a small bottle of water or take off an article of clothing. When all the clothing is gone, they have no choice but to carry on drinking. Becky, who arrived in a truly desperate state, was back in one at the start of this challenge, and had to go to the bathroom to let a little about before things got underway. The camera accompanied her to make sure she really did only release a little. The girls then start drinking in earnest and tormenting one another, at times by talking about flowing water, and at others by poking one another in the abdomen, or even with a hint of tickling here and there. Paige is the first to begin disrobing because (as she explains) being desperate to pee and not being able to go makes her hot. Each time one of them reaches a point where she just can't wait any longer, they pee into one of the graduated cylinders. When Paige reaches t