Amanda Foxx - Forced To Pee Naked In The Woods

  • 15:50
  • 02.06.23
Amanda Foxx - Forced To Pee Naked In The Woods

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Amanda is marched into the woods, ordered to remove all her clothes, gag herself, then handcuff her arms around a tree. She is left to stand there naked, totally exposed, and helpless. As time passes, her bladder fills and she feels a desperate urge to pee, but would rather not do it where she is being forced to stand. When her captor returns and removes her gag, she asks him to release her so that she can pee with some dignity, but he refuses. As he stands there watching her, Amanda finally loses control and a jet of pee falls between her spread legs. Amused by her embarrassment, her captor re-applies her gag and leaves her standing there with her legs apart to avoid standing in her own pee. 15 minutes 50 seconds


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