Misty Lovelace - Meet Misty

  • 23:58
  • 02.03.21
Misty Lovelace - Meet Misty

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Having appeared on the cover of both Penthouse and Hustler, Misty is no stranger to posing in front of a camera, and now she is in front of ours. Better still, she needs to pee! Misty announces that she is going to try on some outfits, so that you not only get to see her in a variety of clothes, but you also get to see plenty of her gorgeous naked body. There is just one thing; she feels she ought to go to the bathroom and pee first. Knowing that you would not like her to do that, she decides to hold it as he slips from outfit to outfit, her situation getting more uncomfortable with each change. Alas, a bladder can only hold so much, and at some point along the way she is compelled to wet herself in front of you. How embarrassing! No, not really; she is amused by it.