Candie Boxxx - Candle's Gotta Go!

  • 4:47
  • 20.05.20
Candie Boxxx - Candle's Gotta Go!

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Recorded during her session with Shauna a few days early, this short movie captures Candle's desperation at the end of filming a long bondage clip. She talks to the viewer about what got her into this desperate situation and then runs off the the bathroom with the camerman trailing behind her. In her usual playful fashion, Candle lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties, then makes herself stand there and wait as she counts to fifty. She likes playing these little games with herself, especially when she has an audience! She hovers over the toilet in order to pee so that you can see the stream as she lets go. At the end, she sits down in order to release that last little bit. The amount of pee that comes out of her demonstrates that Candle had been desperate to go throughout most of the bondage scenario, but owing to the type of ties (double-loop zip ties which are expensive and which we don't cut off unless we have to - well, that's the line we take, with the added benefit that the model has to hold it, giving her struggles during the bondage situation that extra edge of urgency), she had to hold it for about half an hour. Only at the very end did she communicate to Shauna that she really needed to pee, although one can see this in the way her legs were wiggling. Thank you for enduring all that Candle; the result was well worth it.


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