Jasmine - Almost Finished

  • 24:20
  • 07.06.24
Jasmine - Almost Finished

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Jasmine is attending a finishing school in Switzerland, concluding a year of learning how to comport oneself in social settings, exercising diplomacy and self-control. One of the final tests of that self control is to hold a conversation with an important dignitary while also holding a full bladder. It would be considered rude to excuse oneself when the guest is holding forth on his agenda, so she must endure, remain composed, and try not to squirm! Jasmine arrives for the evaluation a little late for her test, however, and has not had a chance to use the bathroom. She badly needs to pee, and her instructor sees this as the ideal opportunity to test her. Jasmine does her very best to maintain control, often standing with her legs crossed, attempting to pay attention, but her full bladder is really distracting her. Her ability to comport herself appropriately starts to slip and, when the instructor is called away for a few minutes, leaving her standing there, she wets herself before he returns. She is mortified that she failed so spectacularly, but will the instructor give her another chance?


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