Jasmine - Too Desperate To Hold It

  • 15:47
  • 07.11.23
Jasmine - Too Desperate To Hold It

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Jasmine has spent the morning taking a lot of liquid on board, then she arrives and chats for a while while continuing to sip at water or tea. Then she stands up and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly, she is desperate to pee. She is usually faced with having to change her clothes at this point, and struggles to control herself while cameras and lights are set up. Today is no exception, but the desperation is truly extreme. She is frantic to pee but one delay follows another, and she resorts to holding her crotch while pee dancing around the room. The plan, on the part of the cameraman, is to made a reasonably long video, but Jasmine is far too desperation to hold it that long. In a panic, because she feels herself losing it, she dashes into the kitchen, and barely in time. She stands there wetting her panties and pantyhose. Subsequently, she shows off the wet panties.