Mura's Holding Ordeal

  • 28:00
  • 05.12.23
Mura's Holding Ordeal

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We asked Mura to chain herself to the wood stove when already desperate to pee, and to hold it as long as she possibly could. She understood that she could not pee on the carpet under any circumstances, and that she would just have to hold it until she received a vessel to urinate into. Desperate from the start, Mura squirms and pee dances throughout as she struggles to resist the urge to pee. Obviously, it gets steadily harder as the minutes crawl by, and she soon starts asking for the vase to relieve herself. She is denied, more than once, and has to continue controlling herself, all the while getting closer and closer to the moment when the pressure on her bladder will overcome her muscles. By the time she gets the vase, she is frantic to piss and only just manages to hold it for long enough.