• 12:15
  • 31.05.24

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Yet another pair of desperate sisters, because watching 2 girls holding is better than 1. It's apparent their facial expression that they've been enduring the need to urinate too long on the road before the rest stop. Things moved too slowly in the festive season. Both Chinese sisters in their 20s pee-danced in somewhat of a synchrony. They both relied a lot on rapid hip-swaying and side-stepping. The skimpy one in white was less subtle with her movements, but if you watch loosely, the girl in the green skirt couldn't stop fidgeting her hips constantly too. In almost every movement in the video, we can see both of the shifting side to side anxiously. A 3rd highly attractive Chinese female appeared in the middle, desperate for the same stall but fled the scene shortly after seeing that things weren't going as planned. As time went by and with the stall still occupied, they began discussing about how badly they had to go and whether there were alternatives to relieve themselves nearby...


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