D0070 - Cashier On Duty Has to Pee

  • 17:40
  • 18.04.23
D0070 - Cashier On Duty Has to Pee

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This is not a usual sighting you'll see from RealDroplet. It's a special scene that started getting filmed when a female cashier was overheard telling her superior (translated from her own language) "can I use the toilet already?", to which she was denied as there were still tasks on hand and customers to serve. No one from the crew was ready to take her place, and it wasn't her break time yet. Our subject is a slim hijabi in all black, probably in her mid 20s. You could see that her movements were swift and huge compared to those around her, as a way of holding her pee without being obvious to the public. The cashier was scanning items, processing payments and issuing receipts like an overactive maniac. It was a fairly busy day in the grocer and she couldn't just stop to focus on her bladder for a minute. There were instance where the items were unscannable and she was forced to type her barcode manually while being desperate. The best thing is, she had to last for more than 20


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