Sinthia Bee - Made To Wait Too Long

  • 20:59
  • 30.11.23
Sinthia Bee - Made To Wait Too Long

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Sinthia has just started a new job with a small company. Because work on the building is behind schedule, she has to make do with a temporary office, with no nearby facilities. She is also having a very busy day because the boss needs a report finished and asks her to work through her lunch break. Putting off a visit to the bathroom, Sinthia gets herself desperate to pee. She makes several attempts to use the bathroom, despite mounting pressure from the boss who has brought the deadline forward for delivery his report. Finally, Sinthia can't hold it any longer and runs to the bathroom, only to find it occupied. While squirming outside the door in a desperate effort to hold on another few minutes, she loses control and wets herself. Not a very auspicious start to her new position.