Mura Suru - Remaining Professional

  • 12:02
  • 20.04.24
Mura Suru - Remaining Professional

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Mura works for the county assessor's office and has been given the unenviable task of dealing with a member of the public who is disputing the tax cap on a property where he has recently taken up permanent residence. Initially, this cap was set at 8%, and the assessor's office has been very slow to adjust it to a lower rate. After he threatened to sue them over their poor performance, Mura is sent to try to mollify him. Unfortunately for her, she arrives desperate to pee, and because he is so confrontational, he refuses to let her use his bathroom until she does something about the exorbitant rate of tax he is being made to pay. Mura does her best to reassure him that his case is being processed and that he will hear something very soon, but in the meantime, would he please drop the lawsuit. He refuses and is rude to her, but she is nevertheless determined to remain calm and professional. She gets her phone and attempts to call the office herself, only to discover that she can't get through, validating the man's complaint. When he finally insists that Mura leave, she again asks if she can use his bathroom before she departs because her situation is very urgent. Again, he refuses. Outside the door, she makes one final bid for the bathroom. Unable to wait any longer, she stands there and pisses herself, pee streaming down her legs as she covers her face in embarrassment. All the man can do is laugh at her.


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