Jasmine - I'm Going To Burst

  • 21:42
  • 07.06.24
Jasmine - I'm Going To Burst

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Jasmine leaves things late in this one and badly wants to get started, but there are a few details to attend to before she can get started. She is, in her own words, "extremely desperate to pee". Wearing a very short denim skirt, one can see most of her squirming legs. She is chatting directly to the viewer, repeatedly saying "I have to pee" and "I'm going to burst", hence the title. Even from the start, she is frantic to piss and is seriously battling the urge to release. The strain of holding is present in her voice for most of the video. But this is Jasmine; she does not give in but makes herself wait as long as she can, or as she puts it, "until l I am absolutely bursting!" She also adds: "I'm really pushing myself because I waited way too long to say something, that I needed to go, and here we are. This is what happens all the time." She also mentions that she is performing suggestions from the forum, albeit with variations. When she does let it go, the event is presented in a split screen.


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