• 14:16
  • 26.01.24

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All of the scenes contain more than just a single desperate girl so they warrant multiple rewatches. We’ll just highlight what’s the greatest focus here:

1st Scene: Several hot girls with moutwatering asses are desperate in a crowded concert. The whole gang seems to have consistently firm and round bottoms. One of them in a tight long skirt has a visibly bulging bladder that she has to support with her palm.

2nd Scene: An attractive Asian chick in a skimpy summer dress underestimated the long lines at a city concert. She crosses and re-crosses her legs trying to hide her desperation, as a dignified woman. Asian girls are typically more reserved, so she can’t resort to holding her crotch and embarrassing herself. Then she seems to reach a point where she realizes that she cannot hold it until the end of the ladies' line. So she runs over to the men's bathroom only to find that it’s also not immediately available.

3rd Scene: A slightly chubby Portuguese college girl in light blue jeans is waiting in line with her friends. She must have just downed a large drink as her desperation is increasing rapidly. She can‘t wait any longer and runs to the front of the line begging to be let in ahead.