• 14:09
  • 18.10.23

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The one & only successful pursuit / trailing video in our database thus far. Earlier part of the video features a very desperate young girl who can't wait for the bathroom queue in this crowded area. She ran around frantically looking for an unoccupied toilet to relieve herself on the 1st floor but had no luck. It was a busy season and all the bathroom are full of long lines. She was then forced to rush to the 2nd floor, dashing in full speed on the escalator pass the crowd. But much to her dismay, the bathrooms above are still all fully occupied. She struggled awhile and was suddenly stunned (and we're guessing she's might have not stayed fully dry by then). Stick around longer to watch even more desperate girls queuing behind her in line, especially the last girl in red shirt who's bending over in desperation for her turn! Downside is that the camera's focus may not be optimum. But the 2 patrons that got it so far was really satisfied with it (perhaps it depends on individual taste), so you decide!