Jasmine Holds it for Hours - Part 1

  • 36:10
  • 13.11.23
Jasmine Holds it for Hours - Part 1

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Jasmine accepted a custom where she was asked to drink several bottles of water and hold it for three hours. It was always a tall order, but she agreed to give it a try. She drank some iced coffee on her drive over, and did use the bathroom when she arrived, but obviously she was already somewhat hydrated. During the video, she drank 1.5 bottles of water and a mug of tea, so around two U.S. pints. She started out quite relaxed, reading or texting on her phone to pass the time. She seemed fine until, thirty six minutes in, she had to stand up for the first time. Suddenly, she needed to pee. It's amazing that she managed to wait for almost two hours after this happened. For a time, she laid back in the lounger with her thighs squeezed together, trying not to move, but when, at the seventy-minute mark, she had to stand up and place the cuff around her ankle, then remain standing, the urge to pee hits her hard. The final hour of the video shows Jasmine in an ever-increasing state of desperation, her actions becoming ever more frantic as she struggles to hold back the flood for as long as possible. She is quizzed with general knowledge questions to help distract her from her predicament. The climax of all this was very fraught for her, and is perhaps the closest she has ever come to releasing onto the carpet. Other than the need to change discs and batteries, during which an iPhone was used to fill in, the recording is uninterrupted.