Cadence Lux - I Have To Go

  • 12:25
  • 02.06.23
Cadence Lux - I Have To Go

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This is another of those unplanned desperation events. We were about to start filming a bondage clip with Cadence when she announced that she needed to pee fairly badly, and asks if she could use the bathroom before we started. I suggested to her that it would be great to get her really desperate for the next Bound2Burst video, and with reservations she agreed. What you see here is about 60 percent of a bondage video called "Captured Cadence" where you know something the bondage audience did not. Cadence needs to pee throughout the whole thing, and as filming progressed (it took about 30 minutes in total), she became very desperate to go. This was made far worse by having sit on a chair naked with her legs spread apart, unable to do anything much that might mitigate her urgent desire to pee. She does her best to hide the fact that she is bursting for a piss, but when you know what you look for, you can see it in her demeanor. The last three minutes are not featured in the bondage vers


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