Shauna Ryanne - Desperate Traffic Cop Remastered

  • 18:01
  • 10.11.23
Shauna Ryanne - Desperate Traffic Cop Remastered

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What does a traffic cop do where she is waiting for the end of her shift, sitting on the roadside with a radar gun with no bathroom in sight? Does she drive off to a nearby town and use a public restroom, or does she try to hang on until the end of her shift? Perhaps she thinks she has it all under control, but Officer Shauna Ryanne has failed to factor in the rather large cup of coffee she drank several hours earlier. Her desperation to pee grips her quite suddenly and she sits squirming around in her cruiser, fighting the urge to pee her pants. She might get out and pee at the back of the car, but what if someone saw her? Wouldn't she then be guilty of public urination? As a police officer, she feels it is her responsibility to uphold the law, so she continues holding it, certain she can make it to the end of her shift. Almost without warning, she finds herself at the point where she knows she won't be able to wait much longer, and that driving anywhere is now out of the question. She would not even dare to pursue a speeding driver at this stage because she would have an embarrassing accident while writing up the ticket. On the verge of wetting herself, Officer Shauna has just one choice - she tips the last of the coffee out of the window, pulls down her pants and panties and tries to pee into the now-empty coffee cup. She partly succeeds, but her aim is not good and she makes a bit of a mess on her seat. If those passing drivers could only see her now...