Sinthia Bee - Powerful Release

  • 21:42
  • 15.10.23
Sinthia Bee - Powerful Release

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Following on from "Just Waiting", Sinthia was just holding a full bladder while wearing jeans. This began outside, with a view to making the backdrop different, but as time passed it started to be obvious that she was having some difficulty. This led to us going back into the basement with a view to mounting the camera on a tripod and leaving her alone. This is where things went a bit awry and the cameraman got just a little bit frustrated. Once everything was set up, Sinthia was left alone in the room. Almost at once, the floodgates opened and she peed a vast amount, soaking not just the jeans but spreading far and wide across the floor. Sinthia wasn't so much camera shy as cameraman shy, despite having done this for two years without a problem. Many models have experienced the same issue; inhibition creeps in and they just can't release. There is no way to predict when it might occur, but when it does, videos end up with a stationary shot and a model left on her own.