Mura Suru - Desperate To Keep Her Job

  • 11:33
  • 30.09.23
Mura Suru - Desperate To Keep Her Job

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Mura has been called to see the boss at her company. It appears that her quality of work has been deteriorating and he is about to fire her. However, on hearing the bad news, Mura begs him to give her another chance. The girl is also desperate to pee, but because the boss asked to see her immediately, she decided not to use the ladies room before coming to his office. She regrets it now, standing in front of him with a very full bladder and unable to keep from squirming. When he comments on her behavior, Mura admits that she is desperate for relief and asks if she could use the toilet. The boss says no, he wants her to stay where she is. It seems that he enjoys watching women struggling in desperation when they need to relieve themselves. He keeps talking to Mura, even going so far as to ask her just how desperate she is. Mura admits that she is bursting and says she can't hold it much longer. This certainly turns out to be true when, after a final convulsive effort to avoid the inevitable, she loses control of her bladder. She stands there embarrassed as she wets herself in front of the boss. Her embarrassment only increases when he asks to see her wet panties, and in order to keep her job, she lifts her skirt to let him look.