Star - Fear Wetting

  • 8:01
  • 05.01.20
Star - Fear Wetting

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Star is driving home in a hurry because she is dying to pee. She is so distracted by her full bladder that she takes a wrong turn and has to turn the car around and drive back a bit. Just what a desperate girl needs - a delay! She finally makes it home and hobbles from the car. She enters the house through the basement and is just about to climb the stairs when she hears a sound above. There should not be anyone there. When an unfamiliar voice says "e;I know you're down there"e;, Star goes into her basement office and hides behind the filing cabinet, then listens in horror as steps descend the stairs and come closer to her hiding place. Now she is really frightened and her fear makes her lose control of her bladder. She pees on the floor where she is squatting, not daring to move because the intruder is only a few steps away.


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