• 15:32
  • 26.01.24

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1st Scene: In a crowded street festival, we see a college girl with long blonde hair is waiting in front of a portapotty with her friends. Her subtle desperate movements is becoming not-so-subtle over time. The poor girl couldn’t stop checking if her jeans are still dry. Suddenly, her desperation seems to increase exponentially as she is heard telling her friends that she cannot wait any longer, all while grabbing her butt and between her legs.

2nd Scene: A pretty young woman in tight black leather pants appears to be VERY desperate in front of her friends while waiting for the portapotty. The scene isn’t long, but her shameless pee-dancing will blow your mind.

3rd Scene: An extremely hot blonde girl - with looks of an Instagram model or adult-film star - is desperately in line in front of a row of portapotties. Initially, she tries hard not to make her desperation too obvious, but she still crosses her long legs tightly and can’t stop moving that curvaceous figure. You can even see her bladder bulging under that tight grey dress and it’s filling into a size comparable to her mouthwatering curves. She‘s got a body like an hour glass, and the overstretched bladder completes the set impeccably.