Tears (Part 1 / 2)

  • 24:07
  • 12.09.22
Tears (Part 1 / 2)

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The sound track starts at 01:10, you will need to have sound to enjoy the end of this video, from 17:00 into the video. She is extremely embarrassed through the video, keeps a poker face, and restrains her movements as much as she can. She does extremely well and only careful observation reveals what is really going on inside. For those enjoying more obvious action, you can head directly to 17 minutes into the video. There are some cuts in the video, this is not the full length of the session. There will also be a part two (only two parts in total), although she already loses in this first part. She will lose a battle in this video. She is very conscious of where the cameras are, and block much of the sight. Still she cannot hide the moans, hard breathing, jerks and spasms...


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