Sinthia Bee - I Need To Use Your Bathroom

  • 8:49
  • 01.07.24
Sinthia Bee - I Need To Use Your Bathroom

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Sinthia’s car broke down and she decided to take a short cut through the woods. It turned out not to be a short cut at all. Eventually, she comes across a house and sees a man in the yard. She asks if he has a phone she can use, but while he has, he informs her that the battery is flat and it is on charge. Sinthia then asks if she can use the bathroom because she really does not want to pee in the woods, and especially not on the man’s property, but he says he doesn’t want a stranger in his house. After talking to Sinthia for a few minutes, during which she squirms in obvious desperation, he says he will go and see if his phones enough charge for her to use it. No sooner is he out of sight when Sinthia wets her pants. It’s a huge relief, but now she is badly embarrassed.


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