Jasmine - This Is For You

  • 21:43
  • 04.06.24
Jasmine - This Is For You

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Jasmine directly addresses the viewer as if they were a good friend, or something more. She's bursting for a pee and wearing jeans that are tight on her, adding to the pressure she is feeling. She says that she will hold it for as long as she can so that you can enjoy watching her struggle not to wet her pants. In fact, she says she will try to make it as long as you need, if you get her meaning. She crosses her legs and squirms incessantly as she tries so hard to contain herself, but the urge to pee is becoming intense, and she will soon soak her jeans in urine. Her conversation throughout is on the intimate side, about how you would tease her by talking about water, or asking her to wait just five more minutes. It's not hard to imagine that you are there in the room with her. When she loses control of her bladder, the flood does not disappoint.


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