• 13:01
  • 26.01.24

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This video may feel different than usual as it’s from a less experienced collaborator. The camera was zoomed excessively, plus with more movements than intended. The desperation is fabulous to say the least, so we are sure you will still enjoy this scene despite the inferior filmography!

1st Scene: A beautiful young Spanish girl (with Billie Ellish vibe) in a white base cap is struggling desperately in front of a public toilet that she can hardly stand up. She is crouching on the ground and almost seems to start crying in front of her friends. The poor girl seems to be losing the battle with her exploding bladder. Whenever she tries to stand up she immediately has to bend over to keep her urine from overflowing. You could feel her pain and anguish just being an observer.

2nd Scene: Right after the whole gang from 1st Scene entered the toilet, a gorgeous married woman in her 30s is fighting off another painful urinary urgency. Whenever she stands, she has to move, hold her crotch or pee-dance while everyone was watching! She resorts to crouching down several times as the bodily liquid from her bladder becomes growingly unbearable. The desperate woman has to push the back of her heel into her nether region to keep the groin pressure intact. To avoid embarrassment, she tries to laugh off her desperation as there are several bystanders, but it was obvious to everyone that there is not much time left for her.