Vonka Romanov - Fully Exposed

  • 11:36
  • 02.06.23
Vonka Romanov - Fully Exposed

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The storyline in this video continues the "Constant Desperation" story, and may be regarded as the fifth scene where Vonka is still being held prisoner by a man who has a pee desperation fetish and keeps making her drink water, then forbids her to pee. Finally, he has made her strip naked and has chained her up with her legs apart, then tells her he is going to get groceries and that she is not to pee on his floor while he is out. Vonka complains that he keeps making her drink water so she has no choice but to pee herself. That's just music to his ears. He warns her again not to pee while he is out and then departs, leaving poor Vonka with a full bladder and no means to help her control it. The urge to go is terrible, but she can't even cross her legs or press on her pee hole with a finger. She's stretched out, unable to sit, unable to do anything but stand there with her legs apart gasping with the effort of holding her pee. Inevitable, she is forced to release it, and the urine gushe


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