Dixie & Carissa - Capacity Challenge

  • 38:22
  • 31.10.21
Dixie & Carissa - Capacity Challenge

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We already know that Carissa has a large bladder capacity, but Dixie is a less known quantity. For one thing, her pee volume has not been measured for years. She participated in a volume measuring video with Scarlett in early 2012 when she produced a mere 400 milliliters. Based on that, you could be forgiven for thinking that she would not stand a snowball's chance in hell against the likes of Carissa. But that was before we changed the stakes. Back then, however, there was nothing for compel holding beyond a level of mild discomfort, but that all changed when the idea to chain the girls to the wood stove in the living room came about. Now, unable to run to the bathroom or reach something to pee into, they have to stand on a carpet knowing they absolutely cannot go, making them hold their pee far longer than before and reaching new heights of desperation. This added incentive revolutionized Dixie's performance, putting her in the same ballpark as her more accomplished rival. The worst