Vids Platform to go 100% Crypto - Let's Prepare

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Hello everybody,

Throughout 2022 and early this year we've been informing you about our plans to eventually fully shift our monetization to cryptocurrencies. We have been trying our best to delay this moment for as long as possible, appreciating the fact quite a lot of you never dabbled in crypto and the transition might be difficult - not to mention you might dislike crypto and hold certain prejudice against it.

However, the reality of our operation is our payment methods must meet certain criteria:
  • they need to be able to serve all our (primarily Western) audience;
  • they need to come with a reasonable fee and not take away half of our income;
  • they need to be reliable, trustworthy, abuse-proof and chargeback-proof.
As it stands, cryptocurrency is the only payment method that satisfies all this requirements. We've been trying not to acknowledge this harsh truth, however the experience with various third-party processors we used in the past was less than pleasant for both us and our members, and was ultimately only delaying the inevitable.

So here's the big announcement we have for you: Vids sites will be going 100% crypto on April, 1

We are planning to set up and provide you an automated method of sending crypto - meaning you would still have to buy crypto normally, but you would no longer have to wait for transactions to be processed by an admin and receive your Premium automatically. Until then, the current manual system will still be in place. As of now, we already have crypto guides in place at our sites to make the purchase easier for first time users.

If, however, you feel you absolutely won't be using crypto no matter what and this change will force you to stop using our sites - we suggest you use the PayPal payment method, still available until April 1st, to grab lifetime with the site(s) of your choice.
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