• 1:38
  • 20.05.24

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Redhead hottie Katy rushes past a huge apartment complex looking for somewhere to relieve her piss desperation. She stops in the middle of a path and balances on tiptoes while squatting to pee! We zoom in close as she lets her juices flow down onto the ground and leaves a nice juicy piss puddle in our latest Got2Pee scene.


Zombiemaster 21.05.24
Katy Rose is one of my favorite actresses, beautiful and exciting with an amazing body. On Got2Pee she has several videos to her credit, one more beautiful than the other. in this video we find her indulging in a nice, clear and transparent piss, which brings out a moan of satisfaction and an expression of enjoyment on her face, and leaves a considerable puddle. I don't know what I would give to be able to drink her pee...