zoebytheriver - Whirlwind of a trip

  • 1:50
  • 21.03.24
zoebytheriver - Whirlwind of a trip

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Hey babes! What a whirlwind of a trip it’s been! I’ve been out of cell range for most of it - bliss. After driving through rain and crazy dust/windstorms in search of decent climbing conditions (with some fun, spontaneous detours along the way), I finally lucked out with perfect send temps for the last day of my trip yesterday…I almost topped out what is now my favorite boulder (so far), but the park gates closed at 6pm, and I immediately had to start booking it back to take my pup to a hydrotherapy appointment today. I’m itching to head back for the send and to work on sooo many other cool as fuck boulder problems I’m feeling the fomo from not having had enough time to explore. Regardless, every time I get outside, my dream of settling into each crag I visit for month(s) on end in my lil home on wheels is immediately reinforced. I can’t wait for the day I’m able to make it happen.

Anywho, enjoy my perky tits and a moment of release in the great outdoors in my snazzy pants that are perfect for climbing, pissing in nature…and easy access.


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