petitefetish - Another walking pee, finally

  • 2:11
  • 15.03.24
petitefetish - Another walking pee, finally

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Recording this one made me feel a bit nostalgic.. if only you all knew the special connection I feel with walking pees - it would take me way too many lines to try to explain. But It still blows my mind to think about the time I posted the first one back in June when I had just started this account - I hesitated posting it for a while because I wasn’t convinced about it for some reason. Never in a million years would I have imagined it would become the favourite one for so many of you, even for some of you who’ve joined recently.

I can only say thank you. I still can’t believe you see and feel through my way of connecting with and enjoying these moments of self exploration through something I denied for so many years. Most days I still just try to process all the love and appreciation you have for me and show me on a daily basis.
I love you all


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