Adela Koutnicka - Sunny Afternoon

  • 4:33
  • 31.01.24
Adela Koutnicka - Sunny Afternoon

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Beautiful Adela is enjoying a book on a nice sunny afternoon in the park. She can't fully enjoy it though, as she feels the need to pee. She tries to ignore it, but as evidenced by the crossing of her legs to hold it in, letting her pee leave her body is something that needs to happen sooner than later. As the urge grows, she decides to stop reading and find a nice private area next to a tree to relieve herself. Once she settles on a spot, Adela lifts up her skirt, pulls her panties down, squats and finally lets the sheer relief take over, as so clearly demonstrated by her curling of her lip and her eyes rolling back. Once she finishes, she pulls her panties back up and walks away, leaving both her and the viewer wondering if she ever enjoy the book as much as releasing her piss from her cleanly trimmed pussy.