Seductivewifey1 - Wet Walking

  • 7:45
  • 01.01.24
Seductivewifey1 - Wet Walking

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Sometimes I think I have a really good idea. Do it. And then think 'oh shit what have I done'. This was one of those

Wearing my white top which already shows my nipples with no bra to try and hide them, I walk around a popular location and head off into some public toilets. Already bursting to pee, I start leaking the minute I'm in there. I lay on the floor and pee all over me, it goes everywhere, my hair, my face, my mouth and obviously all over my top! Omg it was amazing and looks so fucking good but then the realisation hits that I've now got to walk out of there absolutely soaking wet all over I pluck up the courage and walk into a deli and buy some sausage rolls, still wet and I'm definitely smelling of pee Did anyone look at me? Yes of course they did!