SL-604 02 Girls only christmas pee party.

  • 25:35
  • 31.12.23
SL-604 02 Girls only christmas pee party.

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In an era of diversity where different ways of thinking and behavior are recognized, it seems that the way young women spend Christmas is no exception. This is a Christmas women’s party that is forbidden to men, which you can never see, and here we reveal the unknown lives of the women that take place there. The tension and desire to urinate increases as the alcohol progresses! There are also demonstrations of comfortable positions and frank erotic talk about the type of men they like! In the Christmas mood, golden urine finally pours down like champagne! Instead of going through a ring of fire, they pass through a wreath of piss, a quick urinating showdown in a glass, and a reindeer-style backlash. It’s such a pee party that even Santa, who was about to enter through the chimney, ran away! Enjoy the whole story of a sexual night with their enthusiasm that can melt the snow, delicious food and drinks!